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Park Pass

You roll down your window and take a deep breath of cool, pure, mountain air. You hear birds chattering and the wind through the trees. You immediately feel a connection to this national park. You vaguely register that someone is speaking to you, and then you remember you're at the Park Pass terminal. You happily pay your dues and drive along into the vast playground ahead. 

Heartprint Weekend Traveler series - inspired by places near and far that take our breath away, make us feel like we’re a part of something bigger and show us the beauty of this world. 

  • Bag size 20" (54 cm) x 8" (20 cm) x 8" (20 cm)
  • Volume - 22L
  • Top grain, high quality, adjustable leather straps that wrap all the way around the bag for added support (can be used as a backpack as well)
  • Traditionally patterned exterior made with a high quality blend of cotton and synthetic fibre
  • Hand hammered metal rings
  • Lined with durable and soft nylon
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Artisan crafted in Ecuador