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Dreams of another world are already contained in this one. Just look at the moon and the tall grass and see your way through.

These shelves use soothing color combos to transport your wall and hold a sweet object or two. I designed them with ease in mind: the hanging spaces on the back of the shelf work with nails or even simple thumbtacks. And if you’re like me, and you never get around to hanging things, I made the bottom flat enough that they also sit well on any shelf or table space too and look just as cute.

I've tested them up to 4 pounds and haven't had one break on me yet. I would feel safe with almost any small object that isn't an actual lead brick (I recommend the small wiggle cups or the bud vase in my shop, of course). Exercise caution if trying to put a lit candle on this though, the object is made of plastic and there is real risk of it melting or catching.

Height: 10" |  Width: 7" |  Depth of shelf: 5x5.5" 

Notes: Back of shelf has built-in hanging indents perfect for thumbtacks or small nails. Front of shelf has a small lip to make sure your objects don't fall off!


Making décor out of corn-based PLA on my 3D printer means these are much more earth friendly than many plastics of the past, they will eventually biodegrade and compost back into the earth several decades from now, after you've enjoyed the planter for a long long time.