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Our favorite tradition is back for another year!

We got REALLY into making Easter Baskets in 2020- quarantine happened right before Easter and people just didn't have time to pick up gifts for the baskets.  Let us make ones for you!  

How it works:

Select all the options and make sure to include anything in the notes we should know about what they love, any allergies, hobbies, etc. and we will take it from there!  

We priced all of these the same for the sake of simplicity, but there is a Deluxe option an even an Extra Extra- if you'd like to make it extra extra special!

In 2023- the first round of baskets will be assembled and ready for pick-up or mailed out the week of March 20th (let us know if you need beforehand).  Then every few days after that.  We didn't want to assemble too far ahead of time and have the Easter Bunny have to hide them for too long!