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Fruit is by its nature ephemeral, making preserving it something of a necessity. Most often this leads to jams and jellies, but what about the less expected outcomes of fruit preserving, ones that create a dynamic interplay of sweet and spicy, or sweet or bright? Preserved: Fruit offers a new template for fruit preserving with recipes for the Mexican chile sauce Chamoy, to drape over ripe mangoes; pickled green strawberries adding a pop of bright acidity to cheese plates; and a pomegranate molasses to drizzle over grilled meats. For those inclined towards uncomplicated sweetness, there is the classic brandy soaked Tutti Frutti to spoon over ice cream (or bake into a cake), and the delicately fragranced cherry and rose petal jam.

Packed with history, kitchen inspiration, and unabashedly delicious recipes—all gorgeously photographed—Preserved: Fruit is your guide to new culinary adventures.