Hand picked themed boxes you can send to yourself or as a gift.

These are sample of what will be included: since we buy from small batch makers, items will vary but will be the same value.

Boozy - Whiskey Glass, Bitter Pierre, and Infusion Jar

Cheering for You - Be Brave and Be Kind Tote and Mug, Flower Power Magnet, and One Line a Day Journal

Relax - Estrella Time Candle, Estrella Bath Salt, Estrella Bar Soap, Lavender Sachet, and Distillery Body Oil

COVID Related: Stay At Home: Game, Candle, Journal

Shandon's Pick Me Up:  I have had a couple of people say they just need a pick me up and ask me to choose some of my favorite things and surprise them.  These are obviously my favorite ones to do!

Just Cards: Pretty much explains it for you.  This will include 6 of our favorite cards! (this option comes in a flat envelope, not our Alair gift box)