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A comprehensive, upbeat guide to help you survive the moving process from start to finish, filled with fresh strategies and checklists for timing and supplies, choosing which items to toss and which to keep, determining the best place to live, saying farewell and looking forward to hello.

Moving is a major life change—time consuming, expensive, often overwhelming, and sometimes scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead of looking at it as a burdensome chore, consider it a new adventure.

The Art of Happy Moving offers step-by-step guidance, much-needed comfort, practical information, and welcome advice on every step of the process, including: 

How to stage your home for prospective buyers

How to choose your next neighborhood How to discard your belongings and organize your packing

How to say goodbye to your friends How to make the transition easier for your kids

How to decorate your new home

How to build a new community

And so much more.

The Art of Happy Moving will help you discover ways to help make your transition an easier one—and be even happier than you were before.