Based on the popular webcomic The Pigeon Gazette! Follow artist Jane Zei through the everyday rollercoaster of a quarter-life crisis—when high-flying optimism meets cold, hard adulthood during the journey from college to a full-time career. With favorites from viral webcomic The Pigeon Gazette, along with never-before seen comics, Success is 90% Spite is a reminder that there's nothing you can't achieve through hard work, persistence—and really wanting to prove someone else wrong.

• A hilarious and high-energy collection that captures the all-too-real difficulties of life as a 20-something in a modern world

• Comics follow Jane's endearingly awkward and whimsical efforts to navigate adulthood.

• Covers a range of topics in both short, four-panel, and longer-form comicsWhen life gives you lemons . . . throw those suckers back into life's stupid face and make your own success.Jane's stories of awkward subway flirting, mounting credit card debt, office pooping etiquette, navigating friendships as an adult, and taking countless snack breaks (and other people's snacks) are told with upbeat and imaginative twists that show just how ridiculous growing up can be.