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CLASSIC TAILS - the greatest works of literature, as told by the finest breeds

We all have our favourite classic tales; books that have been beloved to us since childhood, whose wonderful stories and rich tapestry of characters are unsurpassed in modern literature. How, you may ask, could these marvellous works ever be improved upon?

Reader, ask no more...for we present

Romeow and Juliet

You've never read Shakespeare like this, till now: / The tragedy of Juliet, and her Romeow.

In fair Purrona, two furry families, the Montamews and the Cattulets, are at war. But when Romeow, the son of Montamew, crashes a Cattulet party, he falls in love with his enemy's daughter, Juliet.

So begins the tale of two star-crossed kitties, who must defy this feline feud to live - and tragically die - together.