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Written by the sweet Emma, a West Seattle girl and the lady behind Odd Fauna, this gorgeous book introduces you to all sorts of monsters from different cultures.  Some you want to meet and some you hope you never do, but the journey she takes you on is so beautifully illustrated, that you'll love finding out.

Meet the world's most unusual monsters in this darkly funny collection of creatures and cryptids from folkloric history. Illustrator Emma SanCartier captures the bizarre and hilarious elements of 17 monsters from around the world in a light, tongue-in-cheek tone, from the Japanese dream-eater Baku and the Persian carnivorous unicorn Shadhavar to the Eastern-European Shurale, a literal tickle monster. Packaged in a textured three-piece case and illustrated in lush watercolor, Monsters You Should Knowis a perfect primer for the many strange, frightening, and compelling things that go bump in the night.