Tech these days is packed with annoying little crevices that you just can’t get clean. Even the most intense helping of elbow grease can’t get those nooks and crannies clear. You would just be stuck with a phone or laptop caked in crud if it wasn’t for Grime Slime.

Unscrew the lid and set the yellow slime inside free. Wrap it around the areas you want to clean and it’ll magically pull the dirt away, leaving no residue behind. Your manky keyboard will look box fresh in no time.

Why stop at tech? This stuff can remove deeply embedded bits from almost anything. And that unique goopy texture makes it super fun to fiddle with when it’s done its job.

Still Skepta-cal? You’re just going to have to try it for yourself. Please note:
  • Grime Slime is reusable but cannot be washed, so don't
  • To keep your slime in peak condition, pick off small bits to use at a time rather than using the entire blob
  • Or just pick off the bits of dirt afterwards