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The drainage trays come in 4 colors, pink, purple, lime green and a textured rocky turquoise. The trays are watertight and they hold up to a cup of water when the planter sits down inside them. The wiggly sides allow the tray to securely hold the planter in place, but also have some space for water to evaporate so your plants don't soak too long.

You decide which color would best match your planter, these colors match all the colors of the planters, so you could match the top color for an alternating effect or the bottom color for a simpler connected vibe, or go for a totally different third color if you just can't get enough 


Height: 5" |  Width: 5" |  Depth: 2"


Making décor out of corn-based PLA on my 3D printer means these are much more earth friendly than many plastics of the past, they will eventually biodegrade and compost back into the earth several decades from now, after you've enjoyed the planter for a long long time.