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** Winner from the Junction Association Bridge Shirt Design Contest! **

So Close Yet So Far

–Next Level 100% ringspun cotton/pre-shrunk

– Mens (unisex sizing) and Youth  

“My brother lives downtown and by crow, we’re only 2.5 miles apart and what was usually only a 10-minute drive is now 25 without traffic. So close yet so far. But it’s okay – the peninsula has plenty to do here so we don’t really notice so much. My husband and I moved here three years ago this spring. I designed this reflecting on the luck we’ve had to live and find community in West Seattle just by random chance. I’m originally from rural Minnesota and my husband is from East Dallas and we met while living in Chicago. We knew we wanted to move west and West Seattle is the place we share together, home for both of us (and our two pups). We can find tacos as good as he grew up on in Texas, and the water and nature all around fills me with a sense of home (but even better). I could go on and on but I actually prefer keeping how great it is a secret so no one else comes here. Even though I know we are people who came here. Thank you to everyone who has made West Seattle feel like home.”