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Phase Two

You guys.  I know this is exhausting for you.

Short hours are frustrating.  Changes in hours of operation are frustrating.  It's hard to keep track of who is doing what and things are changing all the time and it's not easy and you want to support but can't keep it all straight.  It's not easy for us either.

This past weekend- being able to open and see you guys- that was a blast.  I hope we just get to continue opening more and more and get back to "normal" hours. 

Here's the thing though- operating hours are expensive.  And we have had a really rough few months.  It's tough to do this and be mentally ok and feel like we are doing it in the most responsible possible way.

People are still getting sick, every single day.  We are seeing the announcements from fellow local businesses about confirmed cases and closures- right here in West Seattle.  I love it here.  I love you guys.  And I want all of us to come out of this stronger and united and HEALTHY.

So basically, the next few weeks we will need to continue adjusting.   The hours are going to be wonky and then in mid-July, hopefully we can go to something more consistent.  I'm sorry this sucks.  

I love y'all.  Thanks for all of the amazing support and for making sure we are still here and able to reopen right now.  You're the best.

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