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Mental Health Check-In During A Pandemic

Hey friends!

How are you?  Seriously.  Reply to me and let's talk about it.  I miss you guys.  I know you're out there.  We are all craving connection right now, and since this isolation probably isn't going away any time soon, we need to remember to interact.  I think.  I actually have no clue what we all need, but I'm trying here.  #fakeittillyoumakeit 


Alair Updates

1)  It's not easy to completely change every single thing about how you do business overnight, and I appreciate all of your feedback.  For instance; the other day someone reached out to let me know that while trying to buy one card, my website calculated shipping as $5.  WHY WOULD IT DO THAT, FFS!?  

2)  When you check out on the website while placing an order, you'll have shipping options of SHIP, CURBSIDE PICKUP, or LOCAL DELIVERY.  I'm trying really hard to communicate as much as possible about those hours and processing times, but always holler with questions.  

Look What We Made!

We have partnered with Viaduct to help raise money for WestSide Baby and their COVID-19 relief efforts.  $4 of each shirt and $1 of each sticker sold will go towards families in need.  

We are in this together.


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