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Meet The Maker- XOU

We always aim to buy products that are: local, small, or give back in some way.  Things we believe in.  

So introducing: the Meet The Maker emails!  Buying from us means that you're supporting small a couple times over- us and them!  So I wanted you guys to get to know the makers like we do.

Meet The Maker: XOU


I met Joe and we immediately bonded over cereal and limited edition hostess snack cakes.  #bffsnow

Quick and dirty: name, location, how many employees?

Joe Mihalow (the only employee!)
NYC (Temporary Coronavirus homebase: Naples, FL with a move to Vail, CO for the summer, then hopefully back to NYC)

How many stores/states are you selling in?
140+ between larger chain retailers and our independent store friends.  

Where did your company name come from?
Originally the company was called "One & All" based on, literally a three second conversation I had with a guy in passing in NYC that always stuck with me, but ultimately it never felt 100% right.  After filling pages and pages of notebooks with possible names - which all sucked - I thought of a bar in our old neighborhood in the West Village called WXOU Radio Bar.  And that was it - xou was perfect especially for stationery because it my mind it means x's and o's to u.  That's the main reason to give someone a greeting card!

How do you give back?
We give time, energy and money to two NYC charities: the 52nd Street Project which pairs theater professionals with kids in Hells Kitchen to make original theater. If you haven't yet, check out their current virtual Gala featuring songs with lyrics written by kids and performed by theater and movie/tv actors.  It's incredible.  

We also support Steady Buckets, a basketball program that serves kids from all 5 NYC boroughs.  

Biggest guilty pleasure? 
Eating Nutty Buddys.  Luckily, my son loves them too so I don't eat all of them when I have them in the house.  

What’s a lie your parents told you and how long did you believe it?
That my childhood dog, Blue, ran away because the side gate of our house was left open.  I found out 25 years later, my dad gave Blue to another family. 


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