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Coronavirus Update- March 2020

Time to stop crying now.


I mean, for a little bit anyway.

** This has been a really tough time for everyone. And I really think it's just the beginning. We have no clue what will happen next. For me at least, most of my tears have been rooted in feeling helpless. I'm a lady of action, and not being able to DO something is always when I feel the most frustrated, and always leads to the tears.

So I have a plan.

I made it threefold. I love when I can make things threefold.

Step #1 (for me as a business)

I did a full cost analysis of operational cost by hour (with the help of the amazing Lori- thank you!). All week I've been closing early and just kind of winging it. The basic process behind determining when to close was "after two hours goes by without a customer, then I'll close". But that's not helpful to anyone and we need some consistency. So we have new hours effective today. This will save about 6 operational hours per week, which is a start. We also have a store text line where you can always reach out if you have any questions.

Alair Text Line For Customer Service: 206-659-7152

Step #2 (for me as a person)

I started Alair because I love this community and wanted to have a business that was for profit but also gave back as much as possible. I believe in only growing responsibly. I believe in kindness. And I believe that it's really really easy for everyone to make another person's day a little better.

So how can we help each other right now?

We have a lot of teachers in our community that just learned the schools are closing for over a month. Some of those kids rely on school meals to eat every day. And parents are working their asses off to feed them, and could be possibly be facing layoffs, less hours, etc.

We are going to help.


Starting today and for as long as we need to, we are having a food drive. Some of us are not worried about where the next meal will come from, so let's help some other folks feel that same security. Please bring any non-perishables to Alair starting today, and we will figure out a plan to get it to the right place. I have been talking with a couple of teachers from the districts that need it the most, and we are working on it. But the first thing is start collecting food, so please bring what you can. Preference on things that are easy to make- microwave soups, easy mac, etc. I'm all ears on this one so let me know if you have any ideas here or if you're with a school that has a need.

Step #3 (for Alair, how to survive this, and how to make everyone feel comfortable)

* I have been cleaning and sanitizing the fuck out of everything.

* I have pulled all testers and samplers and have antibacterial wipes at the store if you need me to wipe things down before you grab them.

* We have the website ( looking good with lots of things to do at home added on there- puzzles, idea boxes, etc. It's a continual project and I'll add new stuff every day.

* We have the gift concierge service ( available for anyone that would like to stay out of the public for now.

* We have been doing FaceTime shopping and local delivery (within West Seattle) on a case by case basis! Email or Text if this is the option for you! (We are also working on a more formal plan for this)


That's what I have so far, y'all.

Let me know if anyone has ideas or ways they would like to help. I'm all ears and have the space if it can be useful.

This is OUR city and OUR lives and we get to choose how to react.

I'm choosing love, kindness, and community.

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