Coronavirus Update - End of March 2020

It's only been a week, y'all.

Everything has changed and it seems like it's been 20 years.  But at least the sun is out.  That seems like it might be helping the crippling mania that almost everyone that I've spoken to is experiencing.  A little? 

Seriously though- I love this community and I hope you guys are doing ok.  Please reach out if you need anything.  How can we help each other?  I have some ideas.  OF COURSE.  

I've been saying that we need a kind of bat signal for local small businesses to send out when they are hurting.  I'm going to start posting on Instagram when I hear about someone going to get take-out and the business being dead, etc.  We live in a community that wants to help each other thrive, but sometimes we just don't know where to go.  Let's help each other know which places need our dollars/cheers/shout-outs the most, shall we?

Starting with HERE and HERE (if you have any need at all, even far into the future, order a cake now!)

* Alair Shop Updates *

I've been updating the website as often as possible - new products are on there, as well as Curbside Pickup and Local Delivery options.  I added a bunch of items last night and have a lot more coming in the next days.  I appreciate the orders so far- you guys are the rockingest of rock stars.

We are still collecting food and you guys blew me away with the first days of this food drive.  After 48 hours of announcing it, we collected enough food to make up 22 bags for families that all included: instant meals (ie-microwavable soup, easy mac), family dinners (ie-pasta and sauce), and snacks (ie- cookies, chips).  TWENTY TWO FAMILIES GOT FED BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS. You studs.

After Governor Inslee's press conference earlier in the week, I decided to close the store for a bit.  I want to do my part to keep our people safe and healthy, and we are all learning here and doing our best and taking it day by day.  

We've been closed since Monday, and have cleaned literally every possible surface in the store and everything anyone has ever touched.  Thanks to Lori and Jensen for being tireless badasses and coming in, cleaning, singing, eating pizza and donuts with me, helping with local deliveries and making my days less lonely.  You guys are my heroes.

* Footnote - Governor Inslee, if you're reading this: I can't imagine  the magnitude of the decisions you're making here and what you're dealing with, but you're doing great.  We are rooting for you and I hope you're getting rest and taking vitamins.  Please don't forget about your health too.
Here's my logic behind this and again, we are taking it day by day.  Text if you have any questions.

At a time when there are a lot of lay-offs, and payroll dollars are few and far between, I wanted to only be open when I could have two of us in the store.  So one person can be monitoring social distancing, disinfecting constantly, making sure people are using hand sanitizer, and cleaning while the other person works the register, answers the phone, and can help run out the curbside pickups.  

This might be a bit of overkill, and luckily I'm the boss here so we can change it if we need to, but I also still believe in what we are doing at Alair and Im not ready to have to close the doors for good (or for evil)

So we are going to give it a shot and see if we can open for a few hours RESPONSIBLY.

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