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40 Under 40- February 2020

Hi friends!

Lauren from Good Sheila (slash Station 7) here.

2019 is the last month of Shandon's reign as one of Stationery Trends Magazine's 40 Under 40. Shandon didn't want to write anything herself about it, so she let me commandeer her newsletter.

Each year, Stationery Trends Magazine's 40 Under 40 recognizes movers and shakers of the gifts and stationery industry, from shop owners to stationery designers, to company founders, and more. Shandon is one of 40 honorees nationwide to be recognized for her contributions to the industry. Shandon's focus on supporting small businesses, her community, and causes she believes in earned her a spot on the list.
As much as I'd love to keep standing up here on my soapbox, I thought I'd let a few other people say some things about how Shandon has made a difference for them.

Shandon is an absolute gem, everything that is beautiful she is and gives away.  She’s a true giver, someone who gets the human experience and lives each day knowing how powerful and life changing kindness is.  She believes in people, brings out their best, and helps them to shine. To feel the warmth of her sunshine has been a gift that keeps on giving. I’m so proud of you, Shandon, you are absolutely loved and adored!!
- Jen, Sea + Pine Designs

Shandon has made such an impact to the community of West Seattle and small business owners in the area. She is such a positive force and has helped me personally so much by facilitating introductions to amazing people and by helping me branch out of my comfort zone. By being so approachable, Shandon is an incredible resource! We are so lucky to have her be a part of and supporter of the maker community.
- Nina, Darling Little Accents

Shandon has the most genuinely generous heart, and cares about every single person (and animal) in the community.  She reminds me every day what it means to be a good friend, a good person, and a true advocate for kindness.
- Leah, friend & Alair helper extraordinaire (pictured with Dylan the Shop Dog as a puppy)

Shandon not only carries amazing gifts and wares, but she supports her local business women. Last spring without hesitation she hosted my very first cookie pop up which launched my business to an even wider audience. Her kindness and humor keep me coming back every time!
- Jenn, Jenn's Cookie Jar
In the relatively short amount of time I have known Shandon I have learned fast just how much of an advocate she is for community over competition. Shandon not only runs an amazing shop but she supports local charities, purchases from local makers and artists & shares the love wherever she can. As busy as she is she always takes time to check in and offer help, hugs and support whenever needed! Plus by sharing my photography business I’ve gained a whole new community of both clients and friends. I’m immensely grateful and honored to know her.
- Samantha, Lost Found Design
Okay, Lauren here again and I'm back on my soapbox.

Something you should know about starting a small business is that you get a lot of 'no's - or even worse, deafening silence. When I started reaching out to shops in hopes that they'd carry my watercolor and calligraphy-based paper goods, I got a lot of "it's pretty but we're not looking right now", or "thanks but no thanks", or even more commonly, no response at all. Shandon responded right away, told me she loves supporting local businesses and businesses that give back, and could I bring some of my products in?

Alair started carrying Good Sheila products, and Shandon quickly became one of my biggest supporters, inviting me in for pop-ups at Alair, connecting me with businesses who might be interested in working with me, referring people to me who wanted custom artwork. When I mentioned offhandedly that I wanted to paint a mural, she gave me a wall in the back of her shop, no questions asked. And when I decided to take on the challenge of running a brick-and-mortar shop, she has been a wealth of advice and knowledge, never once concerned that technically, we could now be considered competitors.

Thanks for reading my novel.

Cliff notes: Shandon, you're a super special human. The small business, West Seattle community and world in general are better because you're here. We love you, thank you for everything and congratulations on the well-deserved recognition of 40 Under 40.

Raising my glass of boozy, spiked eggnog to Shandon!


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